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New Farm Deli is Brisbane’s oldest and most authentic Italian deli.


Established in 1975 as New Farm Continental Delicatessen, situated at 81 Merthyr Road New Farm. It was mostly popular with the Italian community at large, offering cured meats, cheese, olives, home-baked bread and hard-to-get-but-necessary European ingredients essential for preparing authentic dishes at home. The business was at first owned by the Picerno family and when daughter (Maria) married Vince Anello in 1982, he began working there on his days off. At first working there on week-ends afternoons and then eventually left his job to work in the family business full time.

Together Vince and Maria at first dreamed of a bigger space making elaborate plans on expanding the business, developing a deli/café concept where one could not only buy produce to take home but they could also linger for a fine cup of coffee and perhaps a panino or a plate of home-made pasta.

It was just a matter finding the right place to realise the dream…

On February 4th, 1991 the delicatessen made a ‘bold move’ and relocated into larger premises in the newly-built Merthyr Medical Centre (later known as The Merthyr Village)…New Farm Deli & Café was born!

In 1996 NFDC was awarded a national title: Australian Café of the Year. This was the first of countless awards and accolades to be bestowed upon NFDC.




What the Deli is now…


After many years of trading, with style changes, expansions, a best-seller cookbook, fostering it to other owners (and then buying it back again),

NFDC has grown from strength to strength.

In early 2017 the deli underwent yet another impressive expansion where finally the deli section had room to showcase even more delicious gourmet lines.

Sadly, in July 2019 it succumbed to a devastating fire which destroyed the entire premises and its contents. Courageous and undaunted and with the backing and assistance of The Merthyr Village Body Corporate, staff and community, it’s owners, Vince and Maria initiated the re-build of the NFDC.

…And so, another chapter begins…

It has been said by many that New Farm is not New Farm if does not have ‘The Deli’.

The Deli remains the Deli…It is the ‘soul’ of New Farm…It’s authentic, unique, esteemed, iconic… It’s ‘family’ and home to many. It’s a living thing!

Like fashion, food trends come and go, however at NFDC, traditional and quality food staples, classic ingredients and products sit firm. With specialist advice always readily available on how to eat, store and utilize, the products are carefully selected, trialled and tested before offered for sale to the valued customer. Our deli offers a vast range of quality specialist lines from around the world, Australia and the NFDC kitchen.

NFDC’s philosophy is to forever remember ‘the Deli’s’ humble beginnings and to instil old-fashioned service and quality, family values,

genuine warmth and friendliness.

New Farm Deli has now been in the same family for more than 40 years with its fourth generation now enjoying its traditions and flavours that the generations before them have known, grown up and been nurtured on.

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