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Brisbane’s oldest and most authentic family run Italian deli.

Renowned for our high quality gourmet foods, fresh local produce and specialty fine foods from around the world. Whether you’re looking for those hard-to-find specialty items, fresh ingredients or even just looking for some culinary inspiration, we are here to assist you and promise to meet your expectations.









We have a vast range of products, with over a thousand different varieties of Australia and international cheeses, house-made focaccia and locally made artisan breads, cured meats and charcuterie, take-home meals, biscuits, patisserie items, oils, vinegars, pasta sauces, preserves and plenty of other fine pantry items.


If you’re looking for a special gift, or just wanting to add to your wine collection our deli is also home to a great selection of boutique European wines. Our expert staff and sommelier are there to provide you the service of selecting the perfect wine, or to assist with pairing one of our wines with our gourmet delicacies.

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